For the past two years, we have been very involved with efforts to secure auto technicians, developing programs with service directors and meeting with guidance counselors. Our efforts have paid off as we have been invited to quite a few high schools to do job fairs and meet with students.

There is a committee of service directors that have been working with our office and have attended many of these sessions with Pam.

NY Governor Cuomo has taken a proactive position about providing much needed training for auto technicians. We may have “beat him to the punch” as we have been aggressively pursuing prospects and meeting with students wherever and whenever possible.

The Service Directors committee, in conjunction with Morrisville College, honored two students in April with certificates for Snap On tools, as they embark on their college career at Morrisville.

On May 7th, we recognized 7 BOCES and Central Tech students who were nominated by their instructors for their achievements. They received a tool box and tools along with a plaque at a luncheon attended by their families, BOCES administration

representatives, President Gino Barbuto and members of our Service Director Committee.

It is our goal, at the direction of the executive committee, to increase these efforts for the coming year. More funds will be allocated in the budget and marketing tools to enhance our efforts have been ordered. We welcome any service director or body shop manager that wants to get involved. The more the merrier!!!  If you have someone that should be included in the committee, please let Pam know. There are a few meetings during the year, and much is accomplished by email. We expect to see an increased presence with students and guidance counselors in the months ahead.  


If you haven’t reserved your foursome for the golf tournament next month, we encourage you to do so now. While the constant rain has been discouraging for golfers, we expect it will be a fabulous sunny day at Cavalry Club on June 17th.

It starts with a luncheon co-hosted by Tim Taylor of Thru Way Autoglass and Jennifer Linder from ACV Auctions. Tee off time will be 12:45 and our good friend Jim Tollar of Spectrum Reach will provide beverages on the golf course along with some snacks.

Every golfer receives a sleeve of golf balls and tournament winners get gift certificates from the pro shop. So far, Cliff Merkling of Five Star Bank is again contributing toward the prizes.

After a wonderful day on that magnificent golf course, there will be pass hors d’oeuvres and great food stations. The dinner will be finalized with a create your own sundae dessert station provided by our strong supporter, Dave Taylor of ADESA Syracuse.

While the constant rain has reduced the need to water your lawn and flowers, it will make the condition of the golf course great for June 17th.

Denise has been working on the tournament and you are encouraged to reach out to her to sign up with your foursome.  It’s a day you won’t want to miss.


Thank you again to our generous underwriters. Without the support of them and the community we would not be able to put on this amazing event and give 100% of the ticket sales back to the charities involved.

The underwriters deserve a standing ovation as $ 127,818 was raised to pay for the party.  

The list includes


Advance Media New York

Spectrum Reach

Your Syracuse Area Toyota Dealers


Nissan North American

Greater Syracuse Area Honda Dealers

Franklin Circle

Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield

Buick/GMC Dealers


Empower Federal Credit Union

SAVES Auto Body

United Auto Supply

Friends of SADA

e-Merging Motion media

Liquidz Auto Body Supply

ADESA Syracuse

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

Utica National

ENV Insurance


Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy

Key Bank

F & I Resources

LiftSafe FuelSafe

Wells Fargo

Grossman’s St. Armour

Cam’s Pizzaria


Copa DiVino Wines

ACV Auctions

CNY Auto Auctions


On April 2nd, as a result of 13 wonderful charities dedication to their mission we distributed $255,900.

The amounts were:

Access CNY $11,814.33

Centers at St. Camillus $10,321

CNY Kidney Foundation $14,573.08

Crouse Health Foundation $18,383.50

David’s Refuge $41,906.40

Hospice $23,768.92

Huntington Family $11,360.58

LAUNCH $21,613.08

Make a Wish $20,768.91

Maureen’s Hope $44,729.70

Meals on Wheels $18,651.83

The Newland Center $7,798.08

Responsive to our Community $10,210.59


We have again received a grant from the Hazardous Abatement Board of the NYS Department of Labor to do OSHA training in member dealerships. While the training is not the most popular with many dealerships, it is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. Over the years, many of our members have had OSHA issues that we have assisted with by providing training information and attendance sheets. One percent of all workers compensation funds are placed in the Hazardous Abatement Board fund and the only way we can access them in writing a grant is to offer training. We try to determine subjects that are important to your business and also watch trends in areas that have high accidents reports such as back injuries, lift accidents and hazardous materials handling. We encourage you to take advantage of our efforts and set up one-hour classes in your dealership. Pam will be sending full particulars on the subjects being offered.   It is our goal to provide engineers who handle the sessions at times that are most convenient for your dealership.


We met on May 7th with new Vehicle Safety Regional Director Rick Wesner. It was a good session and one that we expect will continue the excellent working relationship we have had with Tim Furlong and prior to that Jim Donnery. Rick and his wife will be moving to Syracuse from the Albany area and he is looking forward to meeting our members and working with this office.

Once he gets situated, we have offered to host a meeting or luncheon to give him the opportunity to meet our members. He looks forward to working with us and we expect a smooth transition.  

Have we got great news for you and your employees!  As a member of SADA you can apply for personal insurance products from The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company!

These benefits can enhance your current benefits portfolio and can be customized to fit your individual needs.


  • Coverage’s are available for employees and their family, with most products.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of premium payment through payroll deduction.
  • You will have the ability to take most coverages with them if they change jobs or retire.

Accident Insurance –helps offset the direct and indirect expenses such as deductibles, co-payments and other costs not covered by traditional health plans.

Specified Disease for Cancer/– helps offset the out-of-pocket medical and indirect nonmedical expenses related to critical illness that most medical plans may not cover.

Short term Disability Insurance (Paycheck Protection) – helps offset financial losses that result when employees are unable to work.

Term Life Insurance/Whole Life

Helps provide financial security for family members and allows employees to tailor their protection to help meet their individual needs.

Contact Pam and Denise, 315-474-1041 to schedule QUARTERLY enrollments for all your NEW employees.

Are you running out or room??? Do you feel like you need a new building just to house all your deal jackets, RO’s and other key paperwork? Have you heard about DealerDOCX?

DealerDOCX specializes in secure end-to-end Cloud-based document management solutions and scanning as a service for the Automotive industry. We take the boxes, filing cabinets, and storage rooms of deal jackets, ROs, and other key paperwork that you’re required to hold onto, and move every page to the Cloud. With our main scan center, we support our clients across the Northeast, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and beyond, our goal is to save your dealership time, space, and money through high-performance electronic document management.

Contact Pam at SADA, 315-474-1041, to learn more and schedule an in-office demonstration of just how beneficial, quick, easy and inexpensive this service can be.